NPA ONLINE diet plan

online program ishrane, holistički nutricionizam, individualni pistup

Your daily obligations do not leave you enough time for some additional activities!
Already, we do not spend enough time with our families and friends!
Still, we want to do something for ourselves. We want to improve our diet, to lose few pounds, to get more energy and generally fell bather in our skin.
Through our ONLINE NPA nutrition program you can do it from your home.

ONLINE NPA nutrition program includes:


  • Initial questionnaire on habits and current state of health

  • Determination of the metabolic type of a person (self-test)

  • Creation of an individual nutrition plan according to your needs and preferences

  • Diet diary

  • Individually coordinated physical activity plan

  • One 30-minute consultation with NPA nutritionist - Skype


All necessary information will be exchanged via e-mail

After creating a nutrition plan, on the basis of the information obtained from the initial questionnaire and the metabolic type test, we will precise the time of 30-minute consultation. Please prepare all possible questions in advance, so that we can use this time in a best way.

The main engine of change is  YOU ! Therefore, take the first step and contact us

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